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Standards 5 and 6 at the Meali Primary School and the sixth grades at The Shady Hill School created and exchanged 6 pictures of  things about themselves, such as their families and things they liked.

From the beginning, Friends of Meali has believed in the value for both American and Tanzanian children in learning about each other – their lives, their schools, their culture, etc. We instituted two elements of exchange: students at one school in each country create an artistic depiction of their individual lives to exchange with one another, and during his annual visits to Boston Tanzanian Director Lucas Mhina visits schools for a presentation of life in Tanzania. Since 2010, Shady Hill School 6th graders in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have engaged in such an exchange with the Meali Primary School students in Standards V and VI. In 2014, we started a similar exchange program between the Park School 6th graders in Brookline, Massachusetts, and the Losirwa Primary School Standard V students. The Shady Hill/Meali, Park School/Losirwa program has become very meaningful to all involved on both sides of the globe.

This program is no longer in operation but was very successful while it lasted.




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