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Friends of Meali International’s Board of Directors:
Tanzanian Operations

Lucas John Mhina

Director, Friends of Meali, based in Arusha, Tanzania where he is responsible for initiating, operating and managing all Tanzanian Activities.

Owner/Operator of Carnivor Safaris covering East Africa (

Founder/Director of Hope Girls and Boys School

US Operations

Nancy C Scull:  Founder and President Emeritus

Dana P. Devereux: Founder and Co-President
Ina Heafitz:  Co-President 
Sarah Halpin: Treasurer
Kristen Kleiman:  Director
Tim Roach:  Director
Marlene Lee:  Director
Beverly Sierpina: Director
Betsy McCombs: Founder and Director





Nancy Scull, President Emeritus, with children of Meali.

Meali students dream of becoming teachers, doctors, police officers, computer experts… Realizing their potential will require more help than either their families or their country can provide.  
Our goal is to provide a boost to the educational environment that would otherwise require decades for the community to accomplish.

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