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We focus on three public primary schools: Meali, Losirwa, and Oldeani

Tanzania’s public school system is extensive, but most facilities are rudimentary, particularly in rural areas.  The government provides some teachers, some buildings, and a tiny budget for miscellaneous items.  Primary school, K-VII, and now secondary school is required – for both boys and girls.


The people of these communities live in extreme poverty and cannot afford even the most basic classroom necessities like books and desks to augment what the government provides.  Friends of Meali International’s approach has been to “adopt” a school, give it a boost in infrastructure in ways that would have taken the community and government decades to accomplish, then maintain our relationship by providing a variety of ongoing support programs.  Once a school is in “maintenance mode” we focus our capital improvement efforts on a different school.


Infrastructure improvements include:  providing textbooks and desks; adding classrooms and renovating existing ones; creating housing for the teachers so they can live close to the school; building latrines; establishing a student center with kitchen, dining hall, library, computer center, solar power where there is no electric; large water cisterns that catch rain water, as well as smaller items like projectors, copy machines, etc.


Public secondary school is available only to students who pass National Exams at the end of Standard (Grade) VII.  The first year of secondary school has some one time expenses and is taught entirely in English.  We try to address these issues as well.



Friends of Meali’s work is currently focused on three public primary schools: Meali, Losirwa, and Oldeani.  All are in the rural north of Tanzania, the Arusha Region.


Meali Primary School, our namesake, has been our first effort, and we are very proud of the result.  In just five years, we have totally, physically, transformed the school and are now continuing to support a variety of programs to become more deeply involved with the community, instill a greater understanding of the value of education, and help the children more fully to realize their potential.


Losirwa   We have now completed our large projects at Losirwa, including classrooms, teacher housing, student center, and latrines and have gone into phase two.

Oldeani Primary School was part of our 2013 holiday drive for books and desks.  By far the largest of these three schools, we have started to help them with larger projects.  We have  completed  teacher housing, renovation of classrooms and some new classrooms, and are working on the large student center.


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The Meali class of 2012 joined by parents, siblings, President Nancy Scull and director Dana Devereux.  After finishing school, these students returned, for two months, for an intensive English class to help transition from KiSwahili primary school environment to a secondary school taught in English.  Friends of Meali funded the English teacher.

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Losirwa graduation 2018.