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New Oldeani Housing


Housing has been our most important commitment

Housing availability on the school campus is critical to attracting the best teachers and maximizing their availability to the students. At Meali,  Friends of Meali completed two unfinished buildings and has now built a third one from scratch, creating a total housing capacity for 10 teachers and their families, each with a 2-3 room apartment and shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.  As a result, the teachers have formed a more close-knit community – complete with babies, children, and animals – and Meali was able to expand its staff very quickly from 6 to 8 to 9 to 10 in just two years.  Housing at Meali was particularly important since the teachers otherwise had a two-hour walking commute each way to school because there are no nearby villages.  Losirwa and Oldeani are both relatively close to villages, but housing availability is a good financial incentive for prospective staff additions.  It also builds community.  Losirwa currently offers housing for eight teachers, since we have built two houses for 6 teachers and renovated their existing house.  We are currently working on housing at the Oldeani Primary School. Their existing housing is very run down and they don’t have nearly enough.  Consequently Oldeani has only 9 teachers for 750 students.  The government has promised more teachers if there is a place for them to stay.



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The children have benefited enormously.  The pass rate on National Exams has increased substantially and Meali’s rating among 99 schools in the Karatu District has risen dramatically

New Housing at Losirwa

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