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$45 dollars buys one pair of students a complete set of text books or a desk.

The Tanzanian government provides very few textbooks and desks.  Teachers write the textbook material on the blackboard for students to copy in their exercise books.  Desks designed for 2 are often occupied by 3-4 children.  At some schools, many – or even most – of the children sit on the floor.  Friends of Meali’s goal for its partner schools is to ensure that no more than two children need to share a book or a desk.  This fundamental need is typically the first we address in working with a new school as it was for Meali Primary School.  Losirwa Primary School now has enough books and desks for all its classes.  Oldeani Primary School received over 1100 textbooks from us at the start of its 2014 school year in January. We have not received any requests for books recently



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