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Friends of Meali International, Inc., was established in early 2009 to partner with the children of Tanzania, beginning with the children of the Meali School in Tanzania’s Karatu District.  Dedicated to the belief that a good education is the cornerstone of a person’s ability to succeed, our goal is to make a real difference in the lives of the children so they, in turn, can make a difference for their families, their community, and their country, and improve their own potential prosperity.



Improve the educational environment for Tanzanian children to help them achieve higher education levels as the foundation for greater life opportunities.


Friends of Meali undertakes projects and programs that are well defined, manageable, and directly beneficial to the students.  They are defined, prioritized, and executed by our Tanzanian partner, Friends of Meali Tanzania Limited, in conjunction with the local school community and school, as well as with our Board of Directors.  With the funds raised for each project, we hire local workers whenever possible, benefiting the local economy, as well as the students.  Our goal is to give the school a boost that would take years for the local community to accomplish on its own.    

So many things that people of more affluent nations take for granted, like free K-12 education, adequate housing, electricity, running water, good transportation, health care availability, etc., are simply not part of a Tanzanian child’s expectations or experience.  We hope you will join us in enabling those in less fortunate circumstances to move toward a more secure comfortable life. We try to suggest meaningful contribution sizes to indicate exactly what your contribution will produce.  And through our monthly e-newsletter, OPPORTUNITY FOR MEANINGFUL AND SPECIFIC SUPPORT Meali Update, we report the results so you know how we have used your gift.  Please DONATE.


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“As her safari guide, I introduced Nancy Scull to Tanzania and to the Meali Primary School in late 2007.

We have been working together ever since.  For me, it’s ‘pay-back time’ for all the support I received for my own education.  Nancy’s fund raising with Friends of Meali has allowed me as a native Tanzanian to really help some of my people.  We have a wonderful partnership!”
Lucas Mhina, Director, Friends of
Meali Tanzania Limited.

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