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The Tanzanian government is unable to supply enough teachers.  In keeping with our sharing philosopy, the community pays for an extra teacher and then we will hire at least two more extra teachers.  We also hire a teacher to teach the graduates english for a three month period after graduation to help prepare them for secondary school, which is taught entirely in english.   


We have given the schools a “boost” but it is really up to the teachers and students to use their new facilities well  The teachers do not receive large salaries and to that end, we supply each teacher with a bonus if at the end of the school year the graduating class performs well on their state exams.  Friends of Meali wish them well.  BAHATI NJEMA  (Good luck)


The teachers have expressed an interest in emailing with USA teachers to exchange ideas and such a program is being initiated now.  They also would like to meet amongst themselves, our three schools, and we will be helping them financially to do this.  




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The children first collected pebbles from outside to help understand the arithmetic.   

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