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Friends of Meali have supplied over 100 fruit and other trees, to Meali, that the students have planted and are responsible for their maintenance as well as reaping the fruit.

A variety of other ongoing programs and expenses should ultimately be the responsibility of the community. But where Friends of Meali has introduced new ideas and technologies, we will provide additional support for the short term while encouraging the community to find ways of becoming self-sustaining. Campus security, for example, is critical to preserving our infrastructure investment, so we have agreed to pay the security guard rather than risk that late or non payment causes him to become careless or have attendance lapses. The computers and printer require supplies (paper, toner), internet access, and potential future upgrades/expansion. Graduation provides an opportunity for a community gathering, a celebration of the children’s accomplishments, etc., which in turn bring opportunities to reinforce the importance of education and stimulate the students’ desire to perform well. Class excursions reinforce the classroom educational material through personal experience and open a child’s eyes to something new.


From time to time, Friends of Meali may also subsidize the purchase of new uniforms to boost morale for all of a school’s children through restoring their pride in appearance. Uniforms are required and the community passes them around until they wear out. But eventually, they need to be discarded and replaced. And the parents cannot afford to buy new ones at a price equivalent to more than a month’s salary, especially since most families have multiple children.

Although the students take responsibility for cleaning the classrooms and other buildings, eventually they will need maintenance—repainting and potentially some minor repairs. Our expectation is that Friends of Meali will work in partnership with the parents by purchasing the necessary supplies and having the parents do the actual painting and repairs.





A Pawpaw(Papaya) tree with fruit getting ready to harvest and eat.

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