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Friends of Meali has added classrooms and renovated all the old ones.

The government generally does provide some classroom space.  And in the case of Meali Primary School, the parents built some classrooms.  Friends of Meali added two more and renovated all the old ones, making them lighter, cheerier, cleaner, leak-proof, etc.  Including skylights has made an enormous difference.  The Losirwa Primary School inherited buildings that a developer created with the intention of starting a tourist lodge.  Unfortunately for the developer, he was under financed and abandoned the business.  So, Losirwa became a school in 2008 and turned the buildings into classrooms.  Friends of Meali’s first major project for Losirwa was to create two additional classrooms with an attached teachers’ office so the school would be ready for its planned expansion in 2015 and 2016, one class per year.   We began construction in July 2014 and everything is now done.  However, everything is so nice at Losirwa the student population in the younger grades has doubled and we have built two more classrooms.  At Oldeani we have renovated most of the existing classrooms.



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A classroom for every grade, a teacher for every classroom, a book and a desk for every two children and sun light in every classroom.

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