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Food is a very important part of school

After five years of providing lunch for Meali’s 350 students, the organization that had been doing so was no longer able to provide that support. Friends of Meali is focused on educational infrastructure and discrete programs. We believe that providing food for the children is their parents’ responsibility. And the parents have stepped forward and done exactly that But they needed our help to pay for the cooks and cooking oil. We agreed also to provide a bi-monthly ration of rice and the school committee has identified a small number of students that need our help for even this small donation of food. This program has been supported by a special subgroup of our donors, with sufficient funding to carry the program until 2017 and we have now been able to collect enough funds to expand the program for 5 more years.  Special thanks go to the originator of the program and her matching funds. We continue to fund this program




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Cooking beans for lunch at the Losirwa School before they got their new student center which also has a new kitchen.

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