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Meali children graduation




of your donation goes to projects


students served annually


allows a graduate from primary school

to continue to secondary school

What is Meali?


Friends of Meali International is a small non-profit organization working to improve the educational environment for Tanzanian children.

Established in 2009, we have “adopted” 3 primary schools including our namesake Meali, and have built a 4th school, increasing educational access for all, especially girls, and we are partnering with The Hope Girls and Boys School. Our projects are suggested by the school community and we partner with the community to accomplish these projects. Your contributions allow us to fund building projects,  provide much-needed supplies, and resources and implement academic initiatives such as hiring more teachers.  We give these schools a BOOST!


You can become a part of this exciting and rewarding partnership. Donate today! ASANTE SANA, Thank you

WE BUILD classrooms, student centers, libraries, teacher housing, water cistern systems, latrines and an entire school
WE PROVIDE additional teachers, books, desks, uniforms, solar power, form 1 preparatory classes, food for some very needy students and bonuses for teachers for a job well done.
WE PAY expenses for the first year of secondary school for all graduates and scholarships for the top students to go to private secondary school and beyond.


RESULTS More students, including girls, have enrolled in primary school; the community, parents, and teachers are more engaged; more students, including girls, are continuing to secondary school, more students are passing their exams and there are over 50 students in private post-primary schools, including one student graduating medical school.  More students can dream!​
What is Meali

What We Do

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